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Album is in the mastering phase


Hello All,

We have begun mastering the new album and I am happy with how the pieces are coming together. I will put some samples up on the site as I get some completed. I will Post more as things progress.


July Update


For those who are interested in nostalgia I have uploaded some tracks from Acoustic Properties which was my first recording done while I was attending Gordon College. I have uploaded a few pieces, some of which I have set to allow as a download. If you had the original cassette you can now have the digital copy. I will add a few more tracks soon and hopefully I will then have The Winters Tale recording remastered and put some pieces up from that as well.

Next Friday, July 25th I will be warming up for a concert at the Bradford Commons in Bradford, MA. I am supposed to go on at 6:00 PM.

Galvin Middle School Fundraiser


It was a great pleasure to be part of the Galvin Middle School Fundraiser last week. They raised a good amount of money and a good time was had by all.

What's new


Hi All,

Lots going on musically right now. I am currently working on an album project with the Rich Gaudreau Band and am anticipating the release of an album with the DRM Band which my wife and I are involved in. DRM does contemporary praise music with a 70's/80's edge to it. Rich writes original songs and is a very gifted songwriter. It has been a great pleasure collaborating with him. Both groups include a core group of musicians with connections going back 30 years. 

I am still struggling  to get my new material recorded, I will post updates as that moves along. I am selling Mirage on iTunes and other digital outlets now so I am hoping to make new material available as it gets finished.

I hope some of you who are in the local area can make it to some of the upcoming shows, they should be fun. I expect I'll be putting more on the calendar as the year progresses. I am remixing the old albums from college, Acoustic Properties and Winters Tale, some more of those pieces might find their way onto the music page soon. I recently posted a video for Joyful Noise which I posted on my You tube site djsguitarmusic to go with the 2 live performances from a while back.

Thanks for checking in.


Canon in Broadjam's Classical Top 10


Hi Everyone,

I was notified that my arrangement of the Canon in D major made the top 10 classical list on Broadjam. Joyful Noise and Danza are the live videos up on my YouTube channel, djsguitarmusic.



Videos on YouTube


Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who came by to see me at the Brew'd Awakening gig. I have posted a couple of videos we took while we were there on YouTube. I hope to post a couple more soon. I hope you enjoy them.


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New album in progress

New album coming soon

David has begun recording music for a new album of original music. We'll post updates on how it is progressing.