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Hi All,

Lots going on musically right now. I am currently working on an album project with the Rich Gaudreau Band and am anticipating the release of an album with the DRM Band which my wife and I are involved in. DRM does contemporary praise music with a 70's/80's edge to it. Rich writes original songs and is a very gifted songwriter. It has been a great pleasure collaborating with him. Both groups include a core group of musicians with connections going back 30 years. 

I am still struggling  to get my new material recorded, I will post updates as that moves along. I am selling Mirage on iTunes and other digital outlets now so I am hoping to make new material available as it gets finished.

I hope some of you who are in the local area can make it to some of the upcoming shows, they should be fun. I expect I'll be putting more on the calendar as the year progresses. I am remixing the old albums from college, Acoustic Properties and Winters Tale, some more of those pieces might find their way onto the music page soon. I recently posted a video for Joyful Noise which I posted on my You tube site djsguitarmusic to go with the 2 live performances from a while back.

Thanks for checking in.


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