Kinetic Edge has been released!

Hello All,


I have released my first album in many years. For those of you who have continued to listen to my music through these lean years I thank you. I am hoping to communicate more through this web page regarding gigs, new projects, etc as things move forward. I am currently working on a second album with the Rich Gaudreau Band. I will try to add some links to that project before too long. Another thing I am going to try and do is use the blog section on this site to add some commentary about the pieces on Kinetic Edge since there wasn't room on the CD case to add those in. Also, with many people streaming/downloading these days they won't get the physical CD case anyway so they can get the credits and info from this site.

Anyway, I hope you will have a chance to check out Kinetic Edge and I hope you will like what you hear.



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